Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

I'm linking up with Sami today for my weekend shenanigans! :) 

It was one for the books... that's for sure. 

  • Just trying on tutu's for the parade! I didn't actually wear one... the people running the 5K made them to wear, but I, of COURSE, had to try it on. :)
  • Just bein silly with Willy and Julie! 
  • Me and Julie!! Love this sweet lady!
  • Not pictured: Josh and I stopped by a neighborhood bar in Addison for our friend's birthday celebration.... we were there for all of 45 minutes and our tab was $45. Unacceptable. I literally had 2 drinks, he had 2 beers and we bought our friend a birthday shot. *insert angry face here* 
  • Clockwise from left: Josh, me, Julie :) Green galore!, a part of our 81621836 person group, my love and I, crazy friends, Julie and I again... 
  • The parade is one of my favorite days in Dallas. It's just a great time with friends, and of course day-drinking on Greenville Ave is perfectly accepted/expected :) This year just seemed off. It was a huge mix of different groups of friends... it was just not as fun as previous years. :/ Womp womp... maybe next year! 
  • Post parade.... we were headed to lunch and I get a call from a man saying he has my dog (she stayed at my friend Julie's [above] house with her 3 small dogs... when we left they were running and playing, so we thought all was well... but apparently, she snuck out an open door and this neighbor was nice enough to pick her up... well he put her in his backyard. I guess his granddaughter (3-4 years old) opened the back door and the family dog, which just so happens to be a pitbull got out and saw my little precious in his territory. Long story longer, Bitsy has 7 puncture wounds on her poor little body... we spent all of Saturday afternoon at the vet and then emergency clinic for an x-ray. It was a long, hot, emotional day and I was glad when it was over. 

This is how 90% of Sunday was spent... cuddles and scratches with my sweet girl. As the day went on, she got most of her spunk back. Her little ears finally perked up and her tail was wagging. I'm not gonna lie.... I was worried sick about her and all I wanted to do was keep her close to me. 
The other 10% of yesterday was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and finally hanging stuff up on the walls in our bedroom... Yeah, we've only been living there a year.. haha. oops! I also got all my stuff ready, because...... wait for it......
This is a big deal for me. I've been TRYING to become a morning worker-outer for as long as I can remember... I just wanna get it over with before work, so after work, I don't have to deal with changing @ work, going to the gym, and then going home to make dinner. It's just easier to get it over with in the morning. I'm the type of person that has to work out... or nothing will change. No matter what I'm eating... *insert pout-y face here* SO, this morning it happened... I dragged by happy house out of bed at 5:15 and got my cardio in. I was even early for work! So i'm leaving early this afternoon to go to our flag football game... YAY!!! It's only our second game because last week's got rained out... 

Our team... Back that pASS up! :) 

Happy Monday, ya'll! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Happy Tuesday everyone! 
I don't really have anything special to say today, but thought I would write a quick post anyway! 

Currently I am... 

reading... nothing at the moment... just finished reading through all the new blog posts of people I follow.... about to go read some numbers off a turn-in sheet at work... 
writing... lists of things I want to accomplish... dieting... work-outs... cleaning... organizing... meal planning... budgeting... [i really like lists.]

listening... just the usual lull of the white noise at work. zzzz.....
thinking... that I need to make some changes in life. I need a challenge... I constantly feel like my brain is atrophying from lack of stimulation. 
smelling... the yummy $5 cup of Carmel Macchiato heaven I splurged on this morning. 
yes... the extra shot of espresso was neccesary today...

 wishing... I could just play hooky today from work. [overrrr the drama]
hoping... spring comes quickly! I'm sick of jacket weather & the cold makes it infinitely harder to get out of bed in the morning. 
wearing... leggings & a long sweater... comfy is the way to go on Overtime days @ work! :)  
loving... my little family... Josh & Bitsy. 
sweet nugget. 
wanting... to win a million dollars.... I know money doesn't buy happiness, but a little cushion would make me less stressed. 
needing... a vacation STAT.... NYC seems like so long ago.... What I wouldn't give to be at an all-inclusive resort sipping cocktails by the pool.... 'Le sigh. 
  + = happy Jordan!
feeling... restless. eager for change. 
clicking... back and forth between gChat, facebook, blogs, blogger & [i've fully convinced myself I need one of these... or 5]
why yes, i would love it if you bought this for me :)

That's all for now! I need to get on my saw it. pinned it. did it. game! I made a super yummy EASY-peasy recipe last night that everyone loved, but of course didn't take any pics or document any of it..... OOPS. I may never be a real blogger. haha