Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Starting Afresh...

So I decided that I wanted to come back to blogging, BUT I didn't want it to be JUST about my weight loss and/or goals. I started to feel consumed by all things weight loss, and there's so much more to little ol' me than that. :) 


I'm Jordan. 
I just turned 24 this month. 
I live in a precious condo with Joshy (post later), wonderful roomie Becca, and my furbaby Bitsy. 
My bebes on NYE.
I am a TCU alum (hashtag gofrogs) and I work at a corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas. (Not sure if I'm allowed to disclose... will research that....) 

I read LOTS of blogs daily... Not sure why, but I never really comment. Guess it's one of those things...i think people already have their blogger friends and it's like...

I REALLY don't think any of the lovely lady's whose blogs I read are like that... maybe just old insecurities die hard? 

Let's see.... I'm border-line obsessed with rhinestones, bling, glitter, sequins... so much so that I have not one, but TWO rhinestone staplers at work, a rhinestone tape dispenser, my GLITTER wallet is inside my sequin purse (not as tacky as it sounds..ha), next to my rhinestone-d compact mirror and rhinestone phone case.... It's a problem, but I can't help it. :) 


I spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest. You can check out my page here. I also kinda, really love instagram. Both of those could give you a pretty good idea of me... insta

SO....I really don't know much about this whole blogging thing, so if any of you lovely people wanted to give me some tips, I most definitely appreciate it. Seems like there are a LOT of link-ups out here in the blog-o-sphere.... Explain? Guest posts? Giveaways? Commenting etiquette? How do I get one of those fancy blog templates/designs? You get the picture... I'm NEW.  

Question: How did all of YOU get started blogging? What has been your greatest reward? 

Insert cute signature here. (also on my blogging to-figure-out list)

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