Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Loves...

Two posts in 1 day! Crazy, right?! :) Here are some things I'm currently loving.... Thank goodness for Pinterest on slow work days! 

kid president is hilarious. and precious. 

Source: via Karli on Pinterest

oh my heavens. cutest thing ever. 

loving this dress! fab.u.lous. 

so true. if everything goes as planned, i'll be acting on one of my dreams starting on March 4th. cross your fingers for me!


Source: via Emily on Pinterest

post-new york blues have set in, and it's been entirely too long since I went to the gym... starting fresh on sunday!

need to get on my DIY game! 

Happy Thursday.... again! :D 

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  1. love that dress and the kid pres is awesome!